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Charged capacity of Powerwall2 on VPP

Hi all, I'm curious to know from those who have had their Sunverge batteries replaced with the Tesla Powerwall 2 what total capacity they are seeing going to the battery on a full charge. I ask this because my PW2 is (according to the Telsa app) only taking on 8.3kWh before it claims its full (100%) and starts exporting solar to the grid. However the battery is supposed to have 13.5kWh of *usable* capacity!In the screenshot, the battery did get to empty (at approx 8am) where it drew from the gr ...
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Re: Smart meter EDMI Atlas Mk7c

Hi Dave,My codes (3,13) match yours. I suspect they are all like this. AGL's info page on how to read your meter should point out that the meter is labeled from the grid's perspective - not your house.So, when 03 is labeled as Export, it's the power that AGL exported from the grid to your house (but from your perspective its what you imported from the grid to your house).Opposite for 13. Its labeled as solar production that was imported to the grid from your house (but again we would normally ...
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Re: Charged capacity of Powerwall2 on VPP

Update: Contacted AGL who in turn contacted Tesla and the issue has now been fixed remotely.PW2 took a full charge today of 12.8kWh but it wasn't flat when the sun came up (lasted all night) so this looks good now!Loving the PW2 so far. The Sunverge was a joke in comparison.
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Re: Backup Power Solution

Just noted AGLs reply (thanks for that), however I had a power outage recently and noted the following. The battery was flat and so there was no power in the house. When the mains power returned about an hour later, the non-battery circuits got power back immediately, with the battery backup circuits getting power (without my intervention) about 20 seconds later.Therefore it would seem that you do not need to worry about loosing the content of the fridge.Hope this helpsRob
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