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lkenn AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Nothing in billing - Status changed to: Investigating

Hi Blaster, We are in the process of releasing a new set of features and have found this can sometimes cause issues. A new build should be live by end of day so please check again tomorrow and let us know if you're still experiencing these issues. Thanks, Lauranne
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lkenn AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Unable to add screenshots on mobile Community post - Status changed to: New

Hi Blaster, We have tried to replicate this issue but uploads are successful on our end. The permissions set for the group are also correct. Are you able to try again and let us know whether you are still experiencing issues? Thank you, Lauranne
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lkenn AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Style guide - Status changed to: Delivered

Hi Jordanemm, Thanks for raising this - we have now fixed this bug. Lauranne
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