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Yani Semiconductor
07-07-2018 01:27 AM

Re: Solar Export to Grid

Hi Jayden, I have sidelined this issue for the moment (until the first bill) and file a case with Ombudsman on unreliable customer support advise and meter data sales (Solar Command) attempt. Origin gives this data free by the way. There is no point fiddling around on AGL's failure on this issue and it is a waste of time. I gathered that from my personal experience that and no one in AGL knows or everyone pretends to help but no any idea. I found few interesting posts about AGL's push on $15 sol ...
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Yani Semiconductor
03-07-2018 11:31 PM

Solar Export to Grid

I joined a week ago and I managed to get some information on my imports from the mobile phone app. But that doesn't suits me as I work with iPad or PC. I can't do any analysis and can't open an Excel in iphone. I might be able to open excel but iphone is so small to do any work. So far I can't access any solar data from the phone app as such data is not available. Please suggest how can I get access to my solar export data along side the import data. I would like to do a basic comparison and c ...
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Yani Semiconductor
03-07-2018 11:06 PM

Re: Online account usage doesn't show solar

Switched from Origin recently and disappointed over the change. AGL can't show data from smart meter and get both export (solar) and imports to one platform. Seems the programmers are novice and lot of improvement. These guys should look at plat forms like CMC or similar to check how fantastically the dynamic data flows work. I haven't got solar data and this AGL IQ platform is not available from my account. Couple of weeks time I may switch back to Origin or something else. Useless!!!
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