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sunny1915 Semiconductor
07-08-2018 02:48 PM

Re: Gas bill too high

Take a photo of your hot water meter and gas meter and send it to customerreads@agl.com.authey will fix it for you. I found out that reading was wrong.but just make sure that they measured by KL or L for hot water.if their reading was L, then they shouldn’t multiply by ten. actually, my second bill also wrong again.they charged me around $300 for just 16days.and end up with only $17. I sent photo of hot water meter and gas meter as both reading was wrong.AGL made same mistake twice to me. They a ...
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sunny1915 Semiconductor
23-06-2018 12:40 PM

Re: Gas bill too high

I had a same experience.when I called to AGL, they don’t care and saying if you ask us to read GAS meter again, will charge you around $90 extra. I explain them that the billing period is 29days and I only stayed this apartment for little more than 10days during billing period with AGL and I am living alone but the bill was $250. Defenitely it’s wrong but she even didn’t explain me how to solve this problem. Just saying that I have to pay anyway. now I fixed the bill and save $190I am sure that ...
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sunny1915 Semiconductor
23-06-2018 12:20 PM

Re: Gas hot water meter seems running fast

Hi jaden I found out that My hot water meter measures usuage in KL. So when AGL calculate my bill, shouldn’t multiply my usuage by 10 to determine my usage in Liter. I fixed it when I send photo and save around $190 means you charged me 10times more than I used. I would like to spread this issue with all AGL customer.
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sunny1915 Semiconductor
21-06-2018 10:53 PM

Gas hot water meter seems running fast

Hi there, I moved brand new apartment 1/04/2018 and i’ve received Gas bill lately. but hot water reading seems to be weird. Start reading date: 16/05/2018: 131end reading date: 13/06/2018:1953 but I am the first resident in this Apartment and according this bill, I used only 131 between 1/04/2018 and 16/05/2018(46days) and used 1822 between 16/05/2018 and 13/06/2018(29days). I am living alone and only stay this apartment for 3, 4days a week which means Something wrong with the bill. But how can ...
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