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CatherineG Retired AGL Moderator
30-06-2017 01:54 PM

Re: I want to pay my account in small payments fornighty

Hi @Jojo17. Bill Smoothing is an AGL service that makes it easier for you to manage your energy bills for your home or business, giving you more control, flexibility and certainty of your budget. It works by spreading or ‘smoothing’ your estimated yearly costs throughout the year by payments of smaller regular instalments. You can set up bill smoothing for both gas and electricity, to set this up: Register or log in to your AGL My Account Chat to our billing webchat teams (available 24/7 ...
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CatherineG Retired AGL Moderator
30-06-2017 09:57 AM

Re: Seniors discounts

Hi @311trafalgar. The current NSW Seniors Card discount offer includes: Electricity - 22% guaranteed discount, $50 sign up credit (if you sign up online) and one free month of electricity Gas - 16% guaranteed discount and $50 sign up credit (if you sign up online) Find out more here. Thanks!
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CatherineG Retired AGL Moderator
29-06-2017 11:15 AM

Re: Online account usage doesn't show solar

Hi @sfranken. If a meter exchange has just taken place, your metering data should update within 10 business days of this exchange. This is to ensure that we have received final data from your previous meter and are receiving current and up to date consumption data from your new meter. Thanks!
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CatherineG Retired AGL Moderator
28-06-2017 05:54 PM

Re: Calculation of Net Usage

Hi @Untech43. What a great question! In a nutshell, with your solar system installed: sun will shine on the panels generating one type of electricity (DC), this electricity is then fed into an inverter to convert it to the energy you use at home (240V 50Hz AC) - but this is not always used entirely. So any surplus electricity is then fed back into the main grid, to be used elsewhere. Therefore once it has been fed back into the grid, it is unable to be saved for a later date. However if ...
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