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Re: Payment plan

Hi 39, As an alternative to Jayden's suggestion, if you'd like a bit longer to pay a bill, we now offer payment extensions and instalment plans online to eligible customers. Log into My Account and look for the 'payment assistance' link near the account balance on the overview screen. Or, this link will take you straight there (after logging in with your My Account credentials). www.agl.com.au/assistance Alternatively, if you're looking for a way to pay smaller, even amounts throughout t ...
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Andrew AGL Employee

Re: Problem chat and payment on time discount

Hi Maveihro, To add to Jayden's reply - if you have a payment extension set up, and your original due date is still in the future, you will still receive your pay on time discount if the payment is made by the original due date. That is the way our system is set up. Regards Andrew
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Andrew AGL Employee

Re: Dramatic unexplained change in bill amount using bill smoothing and monthly billing

Hi, To add to this - when your Bill Smoothing amount is reviewed every 6 months, AGL take into account your balance at that point in time. So if you had built up some credit because you were paying a bit too much when you first signed up, your Bill Smoothing amount would need to be reduced for the next year otherwise you would continue to be in credit. It also might need to reduce if you were using less energy too. The good news is that now you have been with AGL for more than a year, it m ...
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