Re: AGL LNG imports at Crib Point

Hello Kerry,


My concerns about imported LNG at Crib Point relate to the initial claims by AGL that the imported gas was mainly for the Victorian gas market, the price of gas would move downwards and many jobs would be created.


We now know that there would only be a handful of local jobs, the gas price would not go back down and the imported gas would be used to fuel AGL's new gas-fired power stations in NSW and South Australia.


I have not been able to find the projected volumes of gas that would be required for the new AGL gas-fired power stations. I was told that the Crib Point LNG import project would supply these large volumes of gas.


As Shell announced recently, coal-fired power stations could be replaced by gas-fired power stations to generate electricity in the future along with renewable energy and possibly hydrogen power.


Read speech here:


FYI - Shell is rumoured to be considering buying AGL.

Shell also recently bought the Sonnen battery storage company.