Re: Ramsar-listed wetlands of Westernport Bay

AGL Employee

Hi Diana-S, @Jan1 


We understand your concerns about the impact this development may have on the environment and specifically water and shore birds in the environmentally significant area of Western Port.


One of the reasons we chose the site was that Crib Point has an existing jetty that is already in commercial use.


Crib Point has in-built flexibility because unlike a coal fired power station, which takes seven or eight years to build and leaves a lasting imprint, Crib Point will host a FSRU which will receive gas from the most competitive source via a jetty which has been there for 50 years. If the demand for gas reduces, we can bring in less gas. The FSRU is likely to be leased and if the facility is no longer needed the FSRU will be unmoored and will sail away.


It is impossible to guarantee, and we realise for many in the community, this is not good enough. The Victorian Government has required us to undergo an Environment Effects Statement to assess the potential effects of the project on the environment and assess alternatives to avoid and mitigate effects.


The Minister for Planning Richard Wynne said “The EES will investigate the proposal’s effects on native vegetation, wildlife and marine life as well as Aboriginal cultural heritage areas.” Within this, the potential impact this project will have on threatened and migratory species will be assessed (See s4.2 of the EES scoping requirements here)