Re: I thought AGL was on the cutting edge of renewables?

AGL  is not on the cutting edge of renewables at all, pity.  About the statement  "It has been scientifically  proven that wetlands sequester 40 times more  carbon than than even rainforests do..."  This is basically why:  Conservation and Restoration Protects coasts from storms and some  pollution and  storing   blue carbon when the ecosystems  are intact. Blue carbon is the carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems eg  mangroves,tidal marshes  and  seagrasses.  These eosystems, sequester and  store large  quantities   of blue carbon in both the plants and the sediment  below.  For  example, over 95% of the carbon in  sea grass meadows is stored in the sods.  Blue sink carbon storage must be restored  and  protected to lower green house emissions, to be stored not degraded or destroyed.  When degraded or destroyed,these ecosystems emit the carbon  they have stored for  even  past centuries,   into the   atmosphere and  oceans which then becomes SOURCES OF GREENHOUSE GASES.  How does AGL get around this catastrophic environmental scientifically proved concern in  the  light   of global warming, heat  waves,  fires and   droughts??