I thought AGL was on the cutting edge of renewables?


I find it very strange that AGL puts itself up as a contemporary energy supplier on the cutting edge of the renewables industry, with all the very latest technologies and MO's and yet is planning to install a new fossil fuel infrastructure into an Internationally designated Ramsar wetland. It has been scientifically proven that wetlands sequester 40 times more carbon than even rain forests do. Your Westernport FSRU proposal seems very obvious hypocrisy to me, big corporations like AGL threatening environmental values is no longer the flavour of the month in case you hadn't noticed. Real values are to do with what we can do to mitigate climate change, not add to carbon emissions! 

Obviously AGL is living in a sort of echo-chamber of self-congratulatory profit-at-any-cost bubble. 

However much you green-wash us with what seem to be inadequate environmental reports, once you compromise this wetland it is irreversible, the dye will be cast. A hugely important natural resource will be lost and you will find yourselves with a shrinking customer base very quickly.