Gas Cartels Exaggerating Reports of Shortages to Alarm the Community and Drive Up Prices


The quotes below were made by Australian Gas analyst Bruce Robertson. 
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Unlike the response above, on behalf of a vested interest who seems to have threatened vulnerable people with energy shortages to justify their gas import plan when this country produces more gas than any other, Mr Robertson the author of these quotes has “no dog in this fight”.

There’s plenty of gas around, even on the east coast...Companies are sitting on permits, not developing them and restricting supply so they can make a lot of money. It’s created the bizarre situation that sees Australian gas being sold in Japan for a wholesale price that is cheaper than the price it’s available for in Australia...[This country] has more than enough gas to meet its export and domestic needs. We just lack the political will to develop it....Australia is unique in its sheer stupidity in allowing companies to exploit our resources and not insist they provide for our domestic market...We are uniquely stupid.”.

There is no gas “market” on the east coast of Australia; rather a tightly controlled cartel...This cabal, which we have no hesitation in calling the East Coast Gas Cartel, saw the opportunity to starve the domestic market of gas and force up prices. They deployed in-house economists to propagate the myth of gas shortages....So high are the prices we pay, that these corporate gas giants can absorb the costs of liquefying the gas – turning it into LNG that is – shipping the gas and then re-gasification; that is, turning it back into gas again. Each of these processes is expensive in itself. Cumulatively they add up to around A$6.70/GJ (per gigajoule)”


The east coast of Australia is controlled by a handful of private gas companies which behave as a cartel, setting the price and the supply of gas to the detriment of Australian consumers.”....”Enough is enough.”

Importing gas is possibly the most wasteful thing you could do in terms of energy – it’s just pure wasted energy on a massive scale,” 

Watch the ABC’s “GAS GOUGE”
ABC 7.30 Australia Has Abundant Gas So Why Is It So Expensive?,-so-why-is-it/11432978

Perhaps I am niave for presuming that the ABC also has nothing to lose by telling it like it really is. Assessing what motivates people’s intent is usually a fairly reliable way of evaluating the reliability of their information