Re: AGL’s “Community Update” Announcing Delays At Crib Point

AGL Employee

Hi RotasQuare,


Thank you for your post and sincere apologies for the delay. The change in timing has kept us busy.


Yes, the Esperanza does already have closed loop capabilities inbuilt whereas the Giant was going to require modification in order to implement the closed loop system. However, we would have ensured either ship had the capacity to run closed loop and open loop regasification.


Apart from this, the Esperanza and the Giant have almost identical configurations. This includes the same length, the same width and the same depth. They are considered ‘sister ships’, built in the same shipyard.


Also, with a later delivery window, the Esperanza now suits our timing better because the project has been delayed to allow more time to prepare the Environment Effects Statement (EES).


We are sorry to hear you do not feel like we are listening. We have been consulting with key stakeholders including people living and working near the site, community groups and the Victorian and Australian governments since July 2017. There have been over 30 public community consultations, held in locations including Crib Point, Hastings, Balnarring, Blind Bight, Cowes, Cardinia, and Nar Nar Goon with both those who oppose the project and supporters from within the local communities and those seeking gas security.


We have been openly sharing environmental studies online and answering questions received from supporters and opponents.


AGL has an obligation to provide energy to our 1.4m gas customers. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Gas Statement of Opportunities has been showing for a number of years now that traditional supply sources are decline and new supply options are required to support Victoria’s ongoing energy needs. As an energy company, households rely on AGL to ensure a reliable and affordable supply of gas for cooking and to heat their homes and businesses and their employees rely on us as a provider of gas for energy and as an essential feedstock to industrial processes.


We will continue to provide opportunities to engage and involve any stakeholders in the assessment process – it will be an ongoing activity throughout the Environment Effects Statement process. There will also be an opportunity for you to submit a response about the EES to the government during the exhibition period.


We also understand the concern about our support of local organisations. At AGL we are committed to supporting the communities where we operate and do our best to listen to both supporters and opponents. We do not expect the community nor organisation’s we sponsor to support any of our projects in return. Where we have been approached by clubs seeking out our support, we have worked with these local sponsored clubs to make sure all members are aware that they aren’t expected to support AGL to try and prevent dividing the community.


Any decision to move forward with the project would require all the appropriate regulatory steps to be undertaken. This includes the EES which is an independent and transparent process. AGL has yet to make a final investment decision on the proposed project.