Re: Welcome!


It is utter nonsense that there will not be enough gas! 

re your comment: "We are in a difficult position because our customers are also going to be very concerned if we don’t supply them with gas."


You are a concerned with your profit and shareholders that's it. The lies you are spinning about a gas shortage are so that you can profit from a dysfunctional system with broken regulations about how much gas gets exported from Australia, the biggest exporter of LNG gas in the world!


I thought AGL were into developing renewables, but instead you are willing to jeopardize a Ramsar wetlands area and put endangered species at further risk of extinction, as well as put at risk the safety and well-being of the local community. 


It's time for big corporates like AGL to start thinking globally instead of just for their profits.


You do not have Social License to build your gas import jetty in Crib Point or the APA pipeline to Pakenham. The local community will oppose you all the way. Wake up, and get with the times.