Re: AGLs plan for Crib Point

AGL Employee

Hi LisaF, 


We are sorry to hear you do not feel like we are effectively undertaking community consultation. We have been consulting with key stakeholders including people living and working near the site, community groups and the Victorian and Australian governments since July 2017. 


We understand that not everyone would like to engage in a forum-type format. There have been over 30 public community consultations, held in locations including Crib Point, Hastings, Balnarring, Blind Bight, Cowes, Cardinia, and Nar Nar Goon with both supporters and those who oppose the project. 


We have been sharing environmental studies online and answering questions received from supporters and opponents. 


As the feasibility phase of any project advances, it is usual for people within the community to become interested at different stages, as it becomes more relevant to them and despite our earlier efforts they feel not enough consultation has been done. 


We will continue to provide opportunities to engage and involve any stakeholders in the assessment process – it will be an ongoing activity. 


Throughout the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process the are many opportunities for the local community to feedback that will be considered in the ongoing refinement of the project design, including construction and operational stages. 


If you would like to sign up to our mailing list, we can keep you up to date with all community consultation efforts. Send us an email at  


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Feel free to join the discussion and let me know if these answer your questions. 

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