AGLs plan for Crib Point


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1 Australia is exporting two-thirds of its gas overseas. Malcolm Turnbull needs to put a cap on exports to provide immediate relief on prices.


2 Does AGL accept AEMO’s projection in its June 2018 Gas Statement of Opportunities that there are no supply gaps forecast before 2030?


3 Will the marine literature review incorporate case studies on the impacts of FSRUs already in operation in similar environments, including the impacts of entrainment, discharge, marine noise and accidents/pollution?


4 Is AGL going to offset any mangove and seagrass  damage/loss with restoration so that fish stocks,breeding and coastal endangered bird populations are guaranteed survival at current or better populations levels and no loss of migration rest sites  and flyways.What bond restoration facilites and  compensation fund is AGL setting up to demonstrate respect and integrity for sensitive ecosystems exposed to the massive intrusion planned by AGL at Crib point?