Re: agl crib point project

AGL Employee

Hi Edith,

We understand your concerns about the impact this development may have on the environment.


It was not a decision we undertook lightly. We investigated several different sites across Australia, including Crib Point in Victoria, Port Adelaide in South Australia and Port Kembla in New South Wales. The evaluation process considered several factors including access to key gas markets, cost of incremental pipeline transmission, availability of suitable land for onshore facilities, cost of existing or new build pipelines, existing investments within AGL’s wholesale gas portfolio and marine and port suitability.


One of the reasons we chose the site was that Crib Point has an existing jetty that is already in commercial use.

Crib Point has in-built flexibility because unlike a coal fired power station, which takes seven or eight years to build and leaves a lasting imprint, Crib Point will host a FSRU which will receive gas from the most competitive source via a jetty which has been there for 50 years. If the demand for gas reduces, we can bring in less gas. The FSRU is likely to be leased and if the facility is no longer needed the FSRU will be unmoored and will sail away.


The community has been successful in communicating their concerns to government with the Minister for Planning requiring AGL (with APA) to undertake an Environment Effects Statement.
We will follow all assessment requirements deemed necessary by the government and regulatory bodies and are willing to be held to these standards.