Re: agl crib point project

AGL Employee

Dear Trevor


We agree Western Port is an important environmental area that must be cared for.


We identified Crib Point as a proposed location after an extensive evaluation process; because, we could make use of existing infrastructure at the Crib Point jetty and minimise our footprint on the environment.  We also wouldn’t have to dredge a new channel because it was an existing deep water port currently used for petroleum imports.


For the past 12 months, we’ve been working with the community consulting on our plans and recognise that local community are very concerned about the proposed project . During that time, we’ve commissioned 15 expert studies assessing potential impacts on issues like the environment, historic heritage and the marine ecosystem. These reports have spelled out the potential effects and the final reports been published online at


These decisions will not be made by AGL alone and we expect to be held to account on any potential environmental impacts.


Based on these expert reports we have recently made a referral to the State government who will decide whether or not a Environment Effects Statement (EES) is required for the project. After 20 days, the EES referral to the Minister results in three outcomes: an EES is required; or an EES is not required if conditions specified by the Minister are met; or an EES is not required.


AGL’s Board has yet to decide if the project will go ahead  (i.e. a Final Investment Decision hasn’t been made).  A decision is unlikely until the board fully understand what is required for planning approval which would most likely be after the EES referral process is complete.


In the future please feel free to contact me directly:


Kind regards


Senior Manager Project Engagement