Re: Mangroves

AGL Employee

Hi @sunflower,


We understand your concerns around the selection of Crib Point, particularly with its environmental significance. It was not a decision we undertook lightly.


There were several potential sites identified, including Crib Point in Victoria, Port Adelaide in South Australia and Port Kembla in New South Wales. The evaluation process considered several factors including access to key gas markets, cost of incremental pipeline transmission, availability of suitable land for onshore facilities, cost of existing or new build pipelines, existing investments within AGL’s wholesale gas portfolio and marine and port suitability.


Crib Point was selected due to its proximity to our largest gas market, existing jetty already importing liquid fuels and only requires bed levelling to shave off some high points at the berth.


Through the EES process we will investigate the potential impacts of the project and if these cannot be acceptably addressed the project would not go ahead.