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What is AGL Virtual Solar?

AGL Virtual Solar is an exciting new pilot, that aims to help more Australians turn sunshine into savings.* It’s a new way to access potential solar savings even if you rent, live in an apartment or have a roof that’s not suitable for rooftop solar.^

Sign up to an AGL Virtual Solar subscription and electricity plan and you could enjoy solar generation credits to help lower your electricity bill, as if you had a solar system on your roof – the difference is you don’t need to own or install a thing, or directly use the solar energy produced.*

If you live in NSW speak to an AGL energy expert to learn how you could be part of the pilot and if AGL Virtual Solar could help you save.


Watch our video to learn more.


You may be eligible to join this innovative pilot if you:

  • Live in NSW for the duration of your subscription
  • Don’t currently have a rooftop solar system
  • Want to make the switch to the AGL Virtual Solar electricity plan


AGL Virtual Solar might be a good option for you if you:

  • Rent
  • Own an apartment
  • Own a house, but your roof isn’t suitable for installing a solar system
  • Are a low energy user

*Eligibility criteria apply. ^Individual discounts are based on the performance of a physical offsite solar system and the amount of solar energy it generates. Potential savings will vary as a result, and will be affected by individual factors including your current energy usages, current electricity plan discounts, AGL Virtual Solar subscription period, seasonality and weather conditions and events.

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