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Having a problem accessing AGL's mobile app or online services? Let us know here!

Having a problem accessing AGL's mobile app or online services? Let us know here!



The new update has ruined this once great app. I pay both my gas & electricity with direct debit. I have never had a problem with anything on the original app before update. After the update i received my electricity bill which i paid with credit i had in my gas account over the phone and was told my electricity is now showing $0.00, yet the AGL app on my mobile still is showing $80.00 to pay. That was just under a month ago &  after 7 phone calls to AGL & being assured that the matter would be personally handed over to the AGL staff that deal with the accounts and problems on the AGL app my electricity bill is now showing $80 overdue on my mobile app because it's gone past the due by date. After the last & 7th call i made to AGL  i was assured it would be fixed within 48 hours, which not suprisingly has come & gone & it's still showing the same $80 overdue. It still bewilders me how app developers take their perfectly great working app and try and jazz it up (so to speak) and end up ruining their great apps. I chose AGL as my provider because of their easy to use and very useful app on my mobile. I can only speak for myself but if AGL doesn't put their app back the way it was & get rid of this ridiculous & in no way helpful update i will be switching both my gas & electricity to another provider who has an app for mobile use that is as good as AGL's used to be. I really hope other providers take heed to what AGL has done to their own app & don't make the same mistakes. Steve

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Hi @godswarrior, thanks for your feedback.  I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing issues with the data not being updated in the app.  Is this issue still occurring?  If it is would you mind sharing a screenshot for me and we'll jump into a private message to grab some account information to find out what exactly is happening.

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Hi @godswarrior,


This issues have now been resolved, so we're going to move this to 'Delivered'. 


Please let me know if there is anything else that you need a hand with!


Kind regards,