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Having a problem accessing AGL's mobile app or online services? Let us know here!

Having a problem accessing AGL's mobile app or online services? Let us know here!

App crashes, horrible UI, hybrid Functions do not work


1. Updating contact details doesn't work (spins forever, never completes)

2. You force me to login (2FA pin) multiple times

3. You force me to search for issues before you let me submit an issue (that's your job, not mine)

4. Hybrib app with web back end.....horrible, old fashioned, not optimised for mobile device, too many clicks

5. Hybrid web functions are shocking, covering the post button with the keyboard, not allowing enter to be used as a 'post' button. Not allowing scroll down to reveal post button while cursor in text box...all round horrible UI. Spend some money on this thing please coz this is so bad it makes me regret picking AGL


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AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @Declan, thanks for the feedback. A few separate issues to address here, so I'll address what I can answer quickly:


1. If you're referring to a situation where the "Update home phone and postal address" link does not function correctly - the team is aware of this bug and are working on resolving it.

2. You don't need to use 2FA if you don't want to. Click your account name in the top right and then My Settings and Manage Log In. You can switch to password.

3. Requiring search before post is a way of avoiding similar issues being posted repeatedly in different threads. If a common existing issue is upvoted rather than duplicated in a separate thread, it allows us to prioritize resources to fixing it fast.

4-5. The way the community integrates with the app is definitely not ideal, and upcoming updates to the platform should help address this.