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Where can I install a solar battery?

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When considering whether a solar battery is right for your home, there’s a few things to keep in mind.


Do you have enough room to store a battery?

Batteries come in a variety of sizes and weights – choosing the right storage capacity might be influenced by the physical size and weight of the battery itself.


Can you install a battery inside or outside?
Batteries can generally be installed either indoors in a non-habitable area or outdoors out of direct sunlight. Whether you can install a battery inside or outside varies depending on the brand and model.


How are you using your energy?
To benefit from an energy storage system, you need to produce enough excess solar energy to charge your battery. You also need to consume enough energy when the sun isn’t shining to discharge your battery and make the most of your investment.


If you live in Adelaide and have an existing AGL or non-AGL solar system, you may be eligible to join the final phase of AGL’s Virtual Power Plant. Purchase LG Chem or Tesla Powerwall battery technology at a great price. Visit to learn more.

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