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How long will an electricity meter change take?

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‎22-10-2020 09:45 AM

AGL does not perform the changes to your electricity meter, we help to arrange it for your property.


The work is performed by your local distributor or meter service provider. To find your distributor, use our distributor lookup tool.


Timelines for installation vary between states.


If you live in Victoria, your distributor is responsible for visiting the site and making the changes to the meter. In most cases, it should take between 20-40 business days to complete a standard work request depending on your distribution area


If you live in NSW, QLD or SA, your meter service provider will complete the changes within 10-15 business days or on a date agreed with you after the distributor has completed the necessary connection and supply work.


For the installation to proceed you must:


  • Be an existing AGL customer
  • Have an agreement with us to install the meter
  • Provide a safe environment (nothing to prevent installation such as a loose switchboard, exposed wires or a point of attachment that is too high or low)
  • Provide clear access to the proposed meter location
  • Have unlocked gates
  • Not be disrupting another persons electricity supply.


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