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Does AGL Solar Exchange replace my AGL electricity plan?

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‎29-08-2018 11:11 AM

No. AGL Solar Exchange operates in addition to your AGL electricity plan and forms part of your Market Contract with AGL.

If you’re using energy from the grid today, you’ll continue to do so and pay your regular contracted energy rates and charges after joining AGL Solar Exchange. Exporting solar energy?


You’ll also continue to supply energy to the grid and receive your current feed-in tariff when you do so.


AGL Solar Exchange gives you access to a new, online marketplace where you can buy and trade Solar Tokens, which are a digital representation of solar energy. By trading Solar Tokens, you could save on your AGL electricity bill or pay more if you choose to help or reward others with savings on their bill.

Solar Tokens that have been traded can only be used to adjust your AGL electricity bill.

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