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Am I trading in real-time?

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‎28-08-2018 11:39 AM

No. AGL Solar Exchange does not trade in real-time.


AGL Solar Exchange will conduct a trade when your digital meter data for a particular trading period becomes available to AGL.


For example, if AGL receives your electricity usage information for Monday on Thursday of that week, AGL Solar Exchange will use your AGL Solar Exchange settings on Thursday, to conduct Monday’s trades. Trades are conducted automatically, and as such, AGL cannot change the timing of a trade or reverse a trade once it has been conducted.


There are three trading periods in a single day. A Solar Token created in a trading period may not be available to trade in the next period. Solar Tokens expire at the end of each trading period – in this way Solar Tokens behave like solar energy and must be used in the same period that they’re created.

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