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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Re: AGL app now showing Solar export


Hi Dimitry,


Congrats on getting Solar. I reckon you've been on it for 2 weeks now. 


1) I seem to recall another post where someone indicated that the information is updated at a set interval (24 hours or something like that).  However, I couldn't locate the post.  I think that is why it always has yesterday's date.


2) I think there is something wrong if you are consuming from the grid while also feeding in the electricity from your panel. If you can post your CSV screenshot showing where that is the case, it would make it easier for the rest of the community to see what is happening.


The only thing I can figure is that the inverter needs to be configured correctly to offset your household consumption, then it feeds the excess energy to the grid. 


Hypothetically, you can feed some to the grid and receive from the grid in a 30 minute interval where it was sunny the first 5 minutes, you had an appliance kick on and then it was cloudy (drawing electricity from the grid), then the clouds disappeared 5 minutes later and your solar was offsetting the power in the house.  However, there is a netting effect which should take place at the smart meter (it is only receiving or delivering at any given time).  However, if this is happening very often, I would be suspicious of an inverter configuration issue.


Re: AGL app now showing Solar export


Hi Schnader,


  In regards to getting readings for both usage and export at the same time, i've had another look at the data, and it seems to happen a couple of times a day, and almost every morning, just when the solar is firing up.

Looks something like this:


Generalusage6/09/2019 04:306/09/2019 04:590.165
Solar6/09/2019 05:006/09/2019 05:290
Generalusage6/09/2019 05:006/09/2019 05:290.169
Solar6/09/2019 05:306/09/2019 05:590
Generalusage6/09/2019 05:306/09/2019 05:590.164
Solar6/09/2019 06:006/09/2019 06:290
Generalusage6/09/2019 06:006/09/2019 06:290.241
Solar6/09/2019 06:306/09/2019 06:590
Generalusage6/09/2019 06:306/09/2019 06:590.197
Solar6/09/2019 07:006/09/2019 07:290.002
Generalusage6/09/2019 07:006/09/2019 07:290.031
Solar6/09/2019 07:306/09/2019 07:590.009
Generalusage6/09/2019 07:306/09/2019 07:590.052
Solar6/09/2019 08:006/09/2019 08:290.186
Generalusage6/09/2019 08:006/09/2019 08:290.14
Solar6/09/2019 08:306/09/2019 08:590.598
Generalusage6/09/2019 08:306/09/2019 08:590
Solar6/09/2019 09:006/09/2019 09:290.852
Generalusage6/09/2019 09:006/09/2019 09:290
Solar6/09/2019 09:306/09/2019 09:591.259
Generalusage6/09/2019 09:306/09/2019 09:590
Solar6/09/2019 10:006/09/2019 10:291.756


Maybe something to do with low levels of solar being generated in the morning but high burst usage around that time from things like kettle and toaster being used. 




Re: AGL app now showing Solar export


Hi Dimitry,


Yes, these readings look relatively normal to me.  However, without the readings from your inverter, this gives an incomplete picture.  You need the following information:

1) Solar Power Generated (kWh) for the same time period.

2) Solar Power fed to Retailer (kWH) - Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) - which you have

3) Solar Power Consumed Internally (kWh) - The formula for this is (1) - (2) should give you a value

4) Solar Power Financial Benefit - The formula for this is [(3) x Peak Rate] + [(2) x FiT rate]


The answer to the above will confirm or explain what you are seeing and whether your solar panels are doing their job to offset your household consumption.