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Solar inverter code query

Hi the,I just join today and was wondering if anyone can help me with solar system, I have just move into the house and the inverter ofmy solar  panel has a, code D21 on it, can anyone help me. The inverter is sharp


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Re: Solar inverter code query

Hi @AL. Thanks for the post and welcome to the Community. 


From a quick search about the error (D21) that you are seeing there might be an issue with the inverter. If you have just purchased or moved into the address, it would be worthwhile seeing if you have been left any documents about the solar system. 


As the inverter might be covered under a warranty or you might be able to locate the details of the company who installed the system. 


If you think this was completed by AGL, if you could send us a private message with your account details and address we will be able to investigate further.