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Renewable Energy at AGL

What percentage of AGL's energy supply comes from renewable energy sources? 


Re: Renewable Energy at AGL

Hi @GreenCowboy,


Thank you for your question, and for reaching out to us. 


As of 30 June 2017, we operated 1,890 MW of renewable generation capacity, representing 18% of our total operated generation portfolio. You can find more info about this in our Sustainability Report found here


You may be interested to note that last month we reached financial close on Coopers Gap Wind Farm. Upon completion, this will be Australia's largest Wind Farm, adding a further 453 MW to our capacity. You can find out more about this here


I hope this helps to answer your questions Smiley Happy

Cheers, Jordan


Re: Renewable Energy at AGL

Thanks for the reply @Jordanemm! Great to see almost 1/5 of supply coming from renewables! I hope this number continues to grow in the coming years Smiley Happy