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Net Meter upgrade issue

Hello everyone


After being advised that AGL would be upgrading our meter from Gross to Net meter back mid 2016, we hadn't heard anything from AGL until we followed up with them in late March 2017. We were advised that AGL would come around and perform the upgrade in Apr 2017.


Fast forward to May 2017 and as we haven't seen anyone come around to do the upgrade, we recieved a letter to say that there are some required additional work at our place and AGL was unable to tell us what are those additional works.


We have been in touch with AGL call centre 3 times and each time we've been advised that they have send emails asking for clarification from the Deployment team. And each time we were told that there are no update from the Deployment team.


Has anyone experienced the same issue?


We're looking to put in a formal complaint and would take it to the Ombudman if needed.




Re: Net Meter upgrade issue

Hi @XNguyen,


Thanks for getting in touch with us, sorry to hear about the meter exchange delay and that your solar meter has not been reconfigured from gross to net metering.


If your meter exchange was previously not completed due to: 

  • Meter board too small
  • Failed compliance test within the meter
  • Unable to isolate supply due to multi-occupancy site
  • Meter is located above 2 meters – networks do not allow work to be completed
  • Bad wiring
  • Damaged meter board
  • Asbestos

You can now contact a local ASP (Accredited Service Provider) who will complete the meter exchange and if you organise this before 30 June 2017 the meter will be provided free of charge. Please use this link to find out more information. 


If you would like account specific information, happy for you to get in contact with myself via private message






Re: Net Meter upgrade issue

Seems like you're not the only one, XNguyen. I was promised new meters by the end of last year back in July, then in November andf again in early December. By February it was "by the end of April'. Guess what - May is here and - no meters.


Re: Net Meter upgrade issue

Same here, I called them in March and the girl said I was on priority list and they will send me a letter 2 weeks prior the installation. it's now in June and still nothing. 


Re: Net Meter upgrade issue

I have been trying to get a Net meter upgrade , have spoken to AGL on at least 10 occassions over the past 6 months , have been promissed on several occassions and even been given a date on a couple of times but no one ever turns up nor does AGL advise me .

I am now being told that it will happen over the next couple of months!!

Cant say I have any faith in AGL ever installing this meter.

Have been an AGL customer for over 10 years and now have no choice but to change suppliers.

Not good enough AGL your PROMISES mean nothing.


Re: Net Meter upgrade issue

Hi @frustrated66


Really sorry to hear that your meter exchange has not been completed as of yet. You can contact an accredited service provider and arrange the meter exchange yourself. The meter will be provided by AGL free of charge. 


Otherwise if you would like to send myself a private message with your account details, I will investigate with our Digital Metering Team as to when this exchange will occur.