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First planned "event" for our VPP

We just received notification on the Solar command website that we will be part of our first "event" from between 4:30 and 5:30pm today

"This event may involve discharging some of the stored energy in your battery. Solar self-consumption will operate as usual at all other times"

This is the first one since our installation in August last year.

It will be interesting to see how it reports and how much is drawn.


Re: First planned "event" for our VPP

At 5pm today, our VPP started exporting 3.5kwh and is slowly rolling off at 5:45pm. Battery dropped from 92% down about to around 70%.
At this time our house was still being powered by our PV even with the A/C on. 
Looks like it works as designed. Cool

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Re: First planned "event" for our VPP

@Woodun, Thanks for your report! You have now practically answered my question on how often AGL draws on the battery ;-)

Was the drawdown smart enough to leave enough power in the battery to cover your night-time demand? Or was that just chance?