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AGL have cancelled Virtual Power Plant rollout to evaluate newer products

I was supposed to have my VPP installed next week but got a call to say all further deployments in the project have been cancelled. AGL will be evaluating alternative/newer products, and the contract is effectively cancelled. I could elect to get a refund or stay in the 'queue' to consider offers later, but these will be made around the end of the year. I asked whether I could have the existing device installed and was told this is not possible. Incidentally the contracted product was the Sunverge SIS 11.6. It is disappointing to have the contract unilaterally canceled a week before installation. Wondering what other people think about the VPP rollout being cancelled?


Re: AGL have cancelled Virtual Power Plant rollout to evaluate newer products

Hi Frogster,


Thanks for your feedback and thanks for being a part of the VPP. You can rest assured we have definitely not cancelled the rollout of the VPP or your contract. We're in the process of finalising our next generation of products to include in the VPP. We acknowledge your disappointment at having your installation deferred at short notice and we apologise for this, but we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to opt-in to the exciting, next generation product offering when it is announced. We're full steam ahead with the VPP program and excited to be almost ready to publish our first report through ARENA which will include some of the VPP performance to date. We'll post a link in the Community when its ready to view online.


We'll be calling every VPP customer to discuss the project update over the coming days and will provide you with regular updates. But please call or email us if you have any questions you would like to discuss.






Re: AGL have cancelled Virtual Power Plant rollout to evaluate newer products

Thanks for reply GregA. I am just hoping that the Sunverge's LiFePo4 battery chemistry is retained on the new offering - 7000 cycles at (90%) depth of discharge (DoD); or 8000 cycles at 85% DoD.




EDIT:Actually I think the battery chemistry reported for the Sunverge SIS at sites like
(Lithium Iron Phosphate) is wrong.
I now think it is Li-Ion NMC - Kokam brand - Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide