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AGL Smart Meter Install Still Hasn't Occurred

So in May 2016 I got a letter stating that installers will be in my area from July 2016 to upgrade my meter to one that supports net metering. The letter then goes on to state that on 1 Jan 2017 (when the 60c feed in tariff ends) I will be automatically switch over to net metering. I need do nothing.


It's now Dec 2016 and the meter has not yet been upgraded (*as far as I can tell*). What happens if 1 Jan 2017 rolls around and the meter still hasn't been upgraded? I don't wan't gross metering at 6.1c per kW/h! I can barely cover my power bills as they currently are!!




Re: AGL Smart Meter Install Still Hasn't Occurred

Hi @Scott. Welcome to the Community.


Sorry to hear that your current meter has not been exchanged as of yet.


Confirmation was sent out to AGL customers in late November confirming that that the meter exchange would now take place between January and April 2017. For more information on the meter exchange and the end of the scheme, please use this link. If you have note already registered for the meter exchange please use this link and this way we will have your details ready. 


If you have any concerns in regards to your billing please give us a call on 1300 790 335 and we can ensure that you're placed on the best plan available to you.