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Credit/Balance transfer - Pay gas bills from credit of electricity account


Need a feature to pay gas bills from the credit of electricity account, rather than needing to contact AGL support.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @Ric , thanks for the suggestion. This is a request we've received a few times so I've merged your comment into the existing post. Implementing this feature as part of the app or My Account is planned, but in the meantime you can contact us via a web chat to have the balance transferred.


I would like to be able to pay my Gas bill online  with  credits from my Solar   --   without having to call the help centre on  phone  to  do  it   -  Energy  Aust has this feature available


To transfer funds in the app from one account to another would be useful. I would use this to transfer any credit from solar to the gas account. 

AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is a popular request and it is planned but we can't provide a timeframe for implementing it as yet. I'm merging this in with the existing Idea post about it.