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Seeing an error page after logging in

AGL Idea Moderator

Your new Android app sucks. I can't use the app at all. I can't signin. And after I successfully signed in, all I'm getting is an error page

AGL Idea Moderator
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Hi Oscar, i'll speak to our team RE this.  I assume that when you successfully login you only see the 'its not you it us error page'.  It could be associated to a data issue on our end but i'll follow this up.  If you can share any screen shots that will be really helpful.


Default browser on my phone is Edge. When the default browser is set to Edge, I am not able to login to AGL app. After entering email address and code, the page stuck in Loading.

I had to change my default browser to Chrome to be able to login. After successfully logged in, I'm getting the "it's not you it's us" error page.