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Got a 401 error when i went to open the app this morning

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After opening the app last night. I opened it again this morning from my open apps and I got a 401 error.

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Status changed to: Investigating

Hi Blaster,


Thanks for this!


We'll get the app team to take a closer look.


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@Blaster have you had this problem since?  

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My phone has since died so I can't recheck this

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Status changed to: Needs More Info

Need to investigate this on an Android device to see if we can reproduce.  @Blaster if I can grab a Android device can we try this with your account please to ensure its not account specific.

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Sure. Go ahead

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I did manage to get my phone working again for a little while and I wasn't getting this error.


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Status changed to: Delivered

This issue has now been resolved.