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Feedback on the error page

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I'm currently getting the error page.


Looks better spaced out on the iPhone.


The send feedback button doesn't work on iPhone.


Do you really want people to be able to give you feedback when they can't access the app?


Perhaps a number to call so they can complete what they wanted to do is more helpful?



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Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks @Blaster,  I'll take a look into what was happening here for you.  Is this happening every time you try click on the feedback button?

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Not getting the error page anymore. Now I get this:



And the app crashes on iPhone

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Thanks @Blaster we're looking into this for you.  We'll come back with an update soon.

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Hi, I'm unable to answer any of the questions you've asked about other issues because I can't get into the app. I see the last screen that I posted and that is it.

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My phone has died so I can't retest

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Fine on iPhone

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Status changed to: Delivered

Hey @Blaster, I think this problem has been resolved on both Apple and Android devices.  Let me know however if this is still occurring for you