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Can’t view bill

AGL Employee

Hi guys,


I received my elec bill on Friday. I wanted to view the bill today so went to look in the new app.


A couple of things look funny;

-It says my new bill is overdue (by $35.92) - I only just got it on Friday.

-I can’t seem to be able to view my actual bill - nothing I click on takes me to it


A few things to be aware of about my account;

-I’m on the new eBill pilot

-I’m on bill smoothing ($113 per month for elec)





AGL Moderator
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi Laura-Rose,


Thank you for your feedback!


Links to PDF bills have not yet been implemented so these limitations are to be expected at present, but this will change in the near future. The overdue account balance is a strange one, so I'll forward this onto our development team for further investigation!


Kind regards,



AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi Laura-Rose, 


Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this one!


We have investigated and the app is not behaving as intended for bill smoothing.


A high priority fix is scheduled for early October.   





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