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Transaction History in My Account. Tell us what you think!

AGL Moderator

Based on feedback from you, our customers, we are trialling a new feature in My Account where it’s possible to see your previous transactions.


Starting Thursday 11th October, some customers will be able to see this new feature and view transactions from the past three years.


We’d love to know if you find this transaction list helpful or if things are missing or confusing? Reply below with your comments and suggestions so that you can help us improve.


If you don’t see a new heading ‘Transaction History’ next to your Bill History in the Overview screen within My Account, you might not be part of the feature release just yet! If you see this screen, share your thoughts below!





I stumbled on it yesterday. Very handy having it in one place.



Thank you, very helpful to see a transaction history.

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AGL Moderator
Status changed to: Delivered

This feature is now live for all customers in My Account!


Keen to check it out?

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Navigate to Billing
  3. Scroll to where 'Bill History' appears
  4. Toggle to Transaction History

Keep letting us know what you think of this feature, or submit another idea for what you'd like to see in My Account