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  Given that household appliances can account for almost a third of a household’s energy use, it makes sense to check that they are running as efficiently as possible to help reduce the amount of energy that a non-energy efficient version of that appliance would use.   We know that energy efficiency can seem confusing, but there are several tools to help you.     Where should I start?   If you’re buying a new appliance check the Energy Rating Label to see how energy efficient it is ­– more stars means a better rating.   But energy efficiency doesn’t start and finish with the Energy Rating Label.   The way in which you use your appliances also makes a difference to energy consumption. For instance, using the cold wash cycle consumes less energy than washing your clothes in hot water.     How can I check the energy rating of my current appliances?    If your existing appliance was made after 2000, check the Energy Rating Label to see how efficient it is.   We’d be happy to help with our  Home Energy Check Up (depending on where you live), which can provide you with practical solutions that could help you reduce the energy consumed by your household appliances and your energy consumption around the home generally.   The government’s Energy Rating App is also a great source of information on the running costs of your household appliances.     Which household appliances consume the most energy?   Homes can use a third to half of their energy for heating and cooling.  Other big home energy users include hot-water systems.   Some home appliances can chew up a surprising amount of energy. For example, a large-screen TV can generate more greenhouse gases per year (if you watch it for six hours a day) than a family fridge does.   Our Smarter Living Guide is full of energy-saving ideas that can help on this subject.     What Smarter Living appliances does AGLoffer?   AGL offers a range of energy-efficient Smarter Living appliances – from heating and cooling to hot water and lighting solutions.     What about energy-saving power boards?   Energy-saving power boards have been developed to help reduce the energy consumption of appliances, allowing you to easily switch appliances off stand-by.   Additionally, don’t forget the importance of maintaining your appliances. When appliances run more efficiently it can have a positive impact on your energy usage.  AGL Appliances and Tradespeople services provides installation, maintenance and repairs for appliances in homes and small businesses.       ~Written by Emma Sorensen
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