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Is the virtual power plant right for me?

If you answer yes to the following questions we recommend that you give one of our battery experts a call to discuss how the virtual power plant can benefit you:


  • Do you own your own property?
  • Do you have a solar system installed or interested in going solar?
  • Do you live in metropolitan Adelaide?
  • Are producing excess solar energy and being paid a feed-in tariff?
  • Are you buying energy from the grid when solar energy is not available?


Any home that generates sufficient excess solar energy could benefit from participating in AGL’s virtual power plant, by using more of the solar energy you produce. If you are currently on a government solar bonus scheme feed-in tariff, installing a battery will affect your eligibility to access that scheme. You should consider your own personal circumstances when deciding whether to purchase a battery as part of this virtual power plant offer.

You must be an existing AGL Energy electricity customer or wanting to make the switch to participate in this offer, and remain with AGL for your electricity for the term of the agreement. If you’re currently with another electricity retailer, one of our friendly AGL customer representatives can help you make the switch.

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