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AGL Digital Metering

Ever wish you knew how much your bills were before they arrived? Or that you had the ability to know when and how you are using your electricity the most? With AGL’s digital metering, customers will be able to access all these benefits and more.


Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about AGL’s digital metering. 


If your question isn’t answered below, please ask a question here in the community and we’ll get back to you. You can also give us a call on 1300 669 245, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm for more info.

Why am I getting a digital meter?
We are progressively offering new digital meters to selected AGL customers as part of our plan to provide accurate meter reading and billing capabilities. Initially, we are offering the new meters to customers who have experienced difficulties in having their electricity meters read in the past.
Why is AGL offering digital meters to their customers?
Digital meters are the next generation of electricity meters and provide consumers with access to new technologies to help monitor and manage their energy use.
Why does AGL want their customers to have a digital meter?
We want our customers to have access to the latest technology to assist them in being able to monitor and manage their electricity usage better. Digital meters will provide more accurate readings and help to ensure more accurate and timely electricity bills. They also provide the opportunity for AGL to deliver faster, better responses to service requests.
What is a digital meter?
Digital meters, otherwise known as smart meters, are the next generation of electricity meters. Unlike the previous generation of meters they communicate between your home and your energy supplier using a wireless network.
What are the benefits of digital meters?
Digital meters have a range of benefits. Some of these will be available immediately after installation, such as access to our online energy portal called My AGL IQ where you can track your usage, manage and pay your bills and even set alerts for yourself. And you can access all these benefits anywhere, anytime with our free AGL mobile app.
Can I choose not to get a new meter? And how?
Yes. While we think you could benefit from a new digital meter being installed, the choice is yours and you can choose not to. If you would like to opt out, give us a call on 1300 669 245.
Is there any cost for the installation?
No. If AGL has contacted you to offer a digital meter and your home is suitable for a replacement meter, you won’t have to pay for the meter or for any installation costs. Sometimes, a home may not be suitable for a digital meter. In this case, we won’t perform the installation and you won’t incur any costs.
Will I be charged more for electricity because I have a digital meter?
No. The same electricity rates that apply to your analogue meter will apply to your digital meter.

When will I get my digital meter?

The installation process is occurring progressively and the dates and times of installations will vary from customer to customer. We will write to impacted customers before the installation is due to occur.


How do you know if my home is suitable for a replacement meter?

A technician will perform a home suitability assessment of a range of safety and electrical factors to determine if your home is compatible with a meter upgrade.


What do I need to do to prepare for the installation?

We ask that you make sure the qualified installer has safe and clear access to the meter box at your home. To ensure a smooth installation we may also ask you some specific questions ahead of the installation. In some cases it will be helpful for you to provide us with photos of your existing meter installation (if this is the case we will let you know in advance).


What if I’m not home – will the installation still go ahead?

If there is clear access to your meter box, the meter installation will go ahead without you being home.


Will I lose power during the meter installation?

During the installation, power will generally be unavailable for no more than 30 minutes, however the total installation time may take up to two hours. Safety checks will be completed while the new meter is installed. Please take any advance precautions necessary before the power is switched off (such as with your computer or alarm system).


How long will the installation take?

Installation can take generally between 30 minutes and up to 2 hours (depending on how complex the installation is, most exchanges will be complete in around 40 minutes).


I rent my property and not sure if my landlord wants the digital meter installed?

We do not need permission from the landlord in order to install a digital meter. We can exchange the meter irrespective of whether you are a renter or not.


Is there only one type of meter? Can I choose the meter?

There are different types of meters, each of which is capable of measuring a particular type of electrical installation. Which meter is installed at your property is determined by the electrical configuration at your site (for example, customers with a solar panel will need different metering to customers without a solar panel). We will ensure that you have the right meter for your needs.


What if I have solar?

Some solar customers already have digital meters installed. But if you have solar and don’t have a digital meter you can definitely have one installed.


What technology do you use to send the readings back to AGL/ my retailer for billing?

The meter data is collected from the meter using the secure 3G wireless communications network.


How often will the meter data be read/collected?

After installation, the meter will initially be read four times per day and that data will be sent to AGL at the end of each day. However, as the infrastructure continues to grow, the meters will be read remotely at half-hourly intervals.


Are digital meters accurate?

Yes. Our digital meters are rigorously tested for accuracy. Our meters are pattern-approved by the National Measurement Institute to the standard metering accuracy level. In addition, we will monitor and conduct regular testing to confirm the accuracy of our meters.


Can I still take a reading from my digital meter?

Yes. The LCD displays the options available to check your electricity consumption. It depends on your meter type how you do this.


There are two buttons on all our meters that will cycle through the key information stored. One type of meter labels the buttons “Connect” and “Select”, the other type has the buttons colour coded Green “for connect” and Clear “for Select”.


In both cases, you simply press and release the Select button to step through each screen of data. Once you reach the last screen the next press will cycle back to the first screen. The screen will have a label number on the left side of the screen, and the reading on the right hand side. The screens are:


  • 01: Standard Time and Date set in the meter.
  • 03: Accumulated read of power used.
  • 13: Accumulated read of power generated and fed into the grid (solar installations only).
  • 07: Accumulated read of off peak load (this screen is only shown on meters that have an off peak hot water service).


What should I do if there is an interruption to my electricity supply?

Call your local electricity distributor. In South Australia this is SA Power Networks and their number for faults and emergencies is 13 13 66. For all other states head to this distributor lookup tool to determine yours.


What happens if my meter stops working?

If your power is off and it appears your meter is not working, please call your local electricity distributor. In South Australia this is SA Power Networks, and their number for faults and emergencies is 13 13 66. For all other states head to this distributor lookup tool to determine yours.


Will the information on my bill change?

The calculation of your bills won’t change. However, as analogue meters use start and end reads and digital meters don’t, this information will change slightly on your bill. When the meter is installed a welcome brochure will be left behind and this will contain some more information on how these changes will appear on your AGL electricity bill.


How can a digital meter help me save money?

By recording your electricity usage more accurately and having that information provided to us remotely, you will have access to our online portal My AGL IQ. This terrific online tool will show you your actual electricity consumption up to the end of the previous business day. If you are charged different electricity usage rates for different times of the day, by being informed about what times of the day you’re using your electricity, you can identify ways to move your usage to cheaper times of the day to save money. For example, if you run your washing machine during peak times, it will show you how much you used when you were running your washing machine during peak and, if you have cheaper off peak rates, you could consider running it at the off peak times instead which will save you money.


There are also other appliances available for purchase, such as in-home displays, that can track your usage in real time.


Is my consumption data information secure and will it remain confidential?

Yes. Digital meter data is secure and confidential.


No customer names or addresses are attached to the transmission of meter data. The meter number and NMI (National Meter Identifier) are matched up with customer information only after it has reached the central data station, which is hardened and secured.


We also ensure consumption data remains private via tight privacy controls and compliance with the Federal Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which cover the collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information.

For more details, our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.


Will AGL sell my electricity use information to third parties?

No. By law, your consumption data can only be accessed by the meter reader, your energy retailer, and others who are entitled to it under the law (such as distribution networks, and other people who you specifically authorise).


Will the remote reading interfere with other devices (phones, TV or radio)?

No. The digital meter operates at a low frequency and power level and will not interfere with any other equipment.


Do digital meters meet Australian Safety Standards?

All digital meters meet the electro-magnetic exposure limits set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. The meters have lower emissions than many other every day devices such as phones, microwaves and baby monitors. The digital meters being installed meet current Australian Standards including those related to safety.

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