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gas meter abolishment

Has anyone had trouble abolishing a gas meter? do you need a permit from rms if there is off street parking?

can someone please help me, I applied on the 9 January and still waiting i have been calling agl and still do not know when this will be done. Please help me

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Re: gas meter abolishment

Hi Buns,


Looking back at other similiar posts this may shed a little light - I don't think the moderators work out of hours but I'm sure one will pick up on your post, ask for you to PRIVATE MESSAGE them so they can ascertain a solution for you, pleasr remember to not post anything of a private nature here as this is a public forum.




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Re: gas meter abolishment

Hi @buns


Thanks for your posts and welcome to the Community! 


To be able to provide your with more information about the gas abolishment, we will need to speak with our New Connections team. To do this, can you please send us a private message with your account details. We can contact our New Connections team to find out more information.