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Everything you need to know about your Community as a new user.

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The 'like' function

The 'like' function in the Community is how you can let someone know that you appreciate their contribution to a discussion.


You will find a thumbs up icon at the bottom of each post here in the Community, which when clicked will add a ‘like’ to the user’s post. Likes work very similarly to that of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks – if you are familiar with them. Some notes:


  • You can only give one like per post
  • Giving out likes is fun, but try not to go bananas! Likes are to be used when you've found something useful
  • Likes are ranked on our Leaderboard and on our homepage. See if you can get to the top of the leaderboard by contributing the most useful information!

Before posting, make sure you are familiar with our community guidelines.

And be sure to give a like when you see a helpful post from a user!