Getting Started

Everything you need to know about your Community as a new user.

Everything you need to know about your Community as a new user.


Ideas Submission Guidelines & Status Definitions

AGL Community Manager

We have created a dedicated space “Ideas” where you can contribute feedback and suggestions on a range of subjects ... from feedback on the Community itself, to current and new products and services. Look out for invitations to test new products or be part of an online focus group! Your ideas are very important to us and we take each one seriously.


To help you get started, review the following. We look forward to hearing from you and working on some ideas together!


Submission Guidelines

1. Search first. Search the Community first before submitting a new idea. While we don’t want to curb your enthusiasm, if an idea already exists you might be able to add to it or there might already be an answer or solution to it. We want to make sure you don’t waste your time.

2. Draft your idea. Help the Community really understand what you’re suggesting. As a customer or user of energy products, put the idea in the form of a story of how you currently use/would like to use the suggestion and include your rationale and what value it would bring you. The more we know about your idea – who it’s for, what the motivation is, and what the actual item is, the more accurate we’ll be when it comes time to prioritise, size it .. and perhaps - make it happen!


Consider using the following user story format:

As a (role) I want (something) so that (benefit).

Some things to include:

  • The “Role”: who (what type of user, customer, non-customer etc) is the feature for?
  • The “Something”: what is it that you want to do – the goal and/or desire?
  • The “Benefit”: why do you need it – what do you need to accomplish? What value would you get from such a feature

Additional descriptive context, always helps too! Especially if you are providing feedback on a product, service or feature, you might like to also include…


  • If it’s feedback on the Community itself, include the Discussion Topic, or component your idea is about (e.g. getting started, posting, discussions, registrations etc.)
  • If you’re providing feedback on product and service features, be specific and include details such as device, time of use, browser, design, functionality and ease of use etc.
  • Screenshots, pictures, drawings, process diagrams, etc.
  • Examples of other places or products where you’ve seen the feature or something like it work well.
  • A sense of priority or desired timeframe.
  • If you’re feeling really generous, feel free to write down some acceptance criteria too!

Remember, contributing also means VOTING on other members ideas! Use the LIKE thumbs up function to support other contributions and if you really like it, why not build on it by adding comments.


Status Definitions and Process


Every idea has merit – we’ll endeavour to review each one in a timely manner and put it through the paces to determine Community and customer value, viability, and fit with AGL. Each idea will be moved through a review lifecycle, described below.


New – Brand new ideas submitted by you and ready to be voted on.


Needs Info – A new idea might need clarification or additional feedback to help us gauge its value and impact. Ideas with this status will be open to the Community for votes and constructive comments to help us make a better decision. We’ll give everyone a few weeks to pipe in, before moving the idea forward or providing another resolution.


Investigating – The Community have voted and our team has reviewed the idea or feedback and has ensured it adheres to our submission and community guidelines. This means that it's now in the process of being reviewed more thoroughly to see if and when it will make it onto our product and service roadmap.


Delivered – The idea has been implemented and delivered and is available today! Look out for an announcement in the monthly Community newsletter, group communications, What’s New or email communications for a private beta group.

Not Now – While all ideas have merit, sometimes the fit and path forward might just not be quite right, so we’ll recommend an alternative course or workaround. Ideas that don’t get any votes over a certain time period or gain little traction will be archived as deferred. Feel free to still comment on ideas with this status, as it will help us determine if we want to move it back into another status.


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