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AGL Environmental action

I am happy to be an AGl customer knowing that their CEO and Board are sticking to their guns over getting out of coal fired power stations. I am excited to see a CEO taking on the PM over his bullying tactics.

Well done! Go for it.



Re: AGL Environmental action

Hi James 1,

Are you aware of contrary solid science (John Nicol and David Evans) both fully qualified Australians in their respective fields. Coal is not the problem. Problem is our willingness as a nation to be misled by smooth talkers such as Al Gore and Mal Turnbull. CO2 is not going to spoil our world. Lack of cheap reliable energy leading to a sick economy will be the spoiler. 




Re: AGL Environmental action

Hey james1,


Thanks for the positive feedback!


We have committed to the closure of Liddell at the end of its operating life, in 2022. Although coal plays an important role in our business right now, we simply do not see a future in it. You can read more about this here:


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