General Ideas and Feedback

current bill explanation displayed on agl site


I found the explain my bill effort lacking.


The bill depicted doesn't look like my bill ie QLD

The bill depicted doesn't display solar tariff or any reference to solar tariff, so to wit there is no explanation for solar

The address on all the bills are in Vic no matter which state you pick on the not so obvious "state drop down" which was put there for a reason

Curiously some trouble was gone to to change the "Total Due" amounts within each of the states bill depictions, VIC seems very expensive.


I feel i should not have to join a club of which i have no particular interest to give feedback

I feel this type of feedback process intimidating

I feel companies engage this process to keep people at arms length, to manipulate and discourage "the wrong thinkers"


Please don't contact me I'm sure your explanations will be adequate, and as informative as the bill explanations.