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Environmental and economic impacts

Environmental and economic impacts

Environmental and economic impacts


AGL could you explain in detail the environmental and economic impacts you proposal will have on the Ramsar Listed Wetlands of Westernport Bay? 


Re: Environmental and economic impacts

AGL Employee

Hi KerryRainer,


The Minister for Planning has issued scoping requirements which set out the matters to be investigated and documented in the EES. The EES will include studies on:

  • Biodversity – marine
  • Biodiversity – terrestrial and freshwater
  • Hydrology and drainage
  • Hydrogeology
  • Landscape and visual
  • Environment
  • Light spill impact
  • Aboriginal heritage
  • Contaminated land and sediments
  • Acid sulphate soils
  • Air quality
  • Greenhouse gas
  • Safety, hazard and risk
  • Business impact

You can view the scoping requirements on the department’s website here: 


The EES will be available for the public to view and comment on for a period of at least 30 business days later in the year.


We also have the preliminary assessments used for the EES referral process available on our website, The EES will be far more extensive and robust however this should provide an overview of the environmental and economic impacts as understood to date.