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Why has my concession card not been applied to my AGL account?

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‎02-10-2019 04:01 PM

If your concession card is not being applied to your account – here are some checks you can do:

Check that your concession card is eligible:

Check that the primary name associated with your AGL account:

  • Check that the primary card holder’s name on your relevant concession card matches the primary name on your AGL account
  • It is a requirement that AGL accounts be in a single name for credit reporting and privacy purposes. It is also a requirement of the Department of Human Services that the names on AGL accounts strictly align with the primary card holder’s name on the relevant concession card.

Check that you have provided us with your concession card details: 

If you are eligible but have not provided us with your concession card details – learn how you can add your concessions card details to your account via My Account. If you are updating or modifying existing concession card details or have previously provided details and it has not been applied to your account, please contact us.

  • Press 3: to use our other self-service options, such as re-issuing a bill, add a concession card, adding direct debit, Bill Smoothing, password resets, or update your contact details.
  • Press 2: to provide your concession card details


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