How does my electricity meter affect my energy rates?

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‎02-08-2018 12:08 PM

Your meter type and configuration determines the electricity rates available to you.


Traditional electricity meters do not record when you use electricity, they only record how much you have used in total since the last time the meter was read. If you have a pool pump, or slab heating or storage hot water, then you might have a separate controlled load meter through which these facilities operate, at restricted times (generally overnight), with lower Controlled Load rates applying to their usage. 


However, new digital meters record when electricity is used in half hourly intervals, and this is reported back to Energy Retailers on a daily basis. Because of this, digital meters also support a flexible pricing structure, in which different electricity rates can apply at different times of the day.


With a flexible pricing structure, higher amounts might apply during Peak hours (when energy usage across your disctribution area is highest), with lower rates applying during Off-peak and Shoulder times of the day. A digital meter and flexible pricing structure may enable you to lower your overall electricity usage costs by shifting some of your electricity usage outside the Peak times.


For example, running energy hungry appliances such as a dishwasher or clothes dryer during the Off-peak period will help you take advantage of lower Off-peak rates.


My Account is an online tool available to AGL customers to help them understand more about their own energy use. With a digital meter, customers can also learn when during the day their energy use takes place, and this is helpful to understanding what you can change.

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