AGL Rewards - unavailability in My Account

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We apologise for any inconvenience for those customers who have experienced when attempting to access AGL Rewards through My Account.

To make sure this isn’t a local web browser issue please clear your cache. Alternatively, ensure that you're not accessing My Account using a bookmarked link as this may be out of date - try this link. The Rewards tab should now appear between usage and manage account when you log back into My Account. If this doesn’t fix your issue, send your details to CommunitySupport@agl.com.au and our technical teams will investigate.

If you’re a small or medium business customer, we are aware of errors when you click on the rewards link in My Account. A fix is under investigation and we will post here when it’s good to go.


Thank you to those customers who have supplied trouble shooting details and screen shots. Keep checking this announcement for updates.

Thank you for your patience, we want to get you accessing your rewards as soon as possible.

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